Voluntary Voluntary Supplemental Health Plans
Cash in hand when it’s needed most.

Cash in hand when it’s needed most.

Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity plans provide lump-sum benefits that members can use to help pay for unexpected medical costs or to ease the stress of daily living expenses.


Covers specific medical services or events caused or contributed to by an accident, such as emergency room admission, surgeries or follow-up care.

Critical Illness

Provides lump-sum benefits when specific illnesses are diagnosed and treated, including invasive cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

Hospital Indemnity

Provides fixed per-day benefits for inpatient hospitalization caused or contributed to by an accident or illness.

Savings Scenario: Lance

Plaza Design offered more benefits to its employees— at no cost to the business—with our voluntary benefits.

Savings Scenario: Joyce

COLEMAN'S reduced its overall health care premium costs by adding life insurance to their existing health insurance coverage.