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Hitting all our benefit objectives

By an Anthem client
By having [health, dental and vision] integration, we realized that we could meet all of our objectives. It hits each and every one of them on the head... It was a pretty simple decision for us to move to Anthem as fully integrated with medical, dental and vision. MoreLess

Very little disruption

By an Anthem client

We maintained enrollment in both dental and vision with the move to Anthem, and quite frankly, with very little disruption to our members.

One-stop shop

By an Anthem client

For associates it's almost a one-stop shop. When they enroll in medical, dental, and vision they've got all the resources there at their hands. One call to Anthem, and I can answer their questions and ensure that they're meeting the needs that they have.

Anthem dental is always on the top of my recommendation list

By an Anthem Broker
I recommend Anthem Dental to my clients because they do a great job at truly making implementation a personable experience with dedicated contacts and that helps clients easily administer their dental plan. I feel that Anthem Dental is the easiest and has the most efficient way of doing business than any dental carrier I deal with in the market today... Whenever a group is asking about dental coverage, Anthem dental is always on the top of my recommendation list. I never hesitate when asked what I think about Anthem Dental. They’re a great carrier to partner with. MoreLess


having medical information…was very helpful

By Kim, an Anthem member
“Hi, my name is Kim. My son was recently referred to an optometrist for an eye exam after he failed the general vision checkup in the pediatrician’s office. Having medical information about my child at the point of service during his eye exam was very helpful because the optometrist was able to view the history and determine the best course of action... Dr. Gray immediately knew the heart surgery history. He also knew exactly what medication we used in his nebulizer in a frequent and ongoing basis. While I know that my son has high blood pressure and uses a nebulizer, I wouldn’t know the exact information Dr. Gray needed. Based on what he was able to read, we reached out to the pulmonologist during the appointment to adjust to another medication because it might be causing some pressure in his sinuses. If we didn’t know this information during the appointment then my son’s “team” of doctors including a cardiologist, pulmonologist and optometrist wouldn’t be able to collaborate on the best care for his overall health.” MoreLess

Thank you Anthem!

By Tammy, an Anthem member
I wanted to take the time to tell you the experience I had with Anthem insurance. I recently took my daughter for an eye exam which I thought was going to have a charge... I was surprised to find out that we get one free exam a year. My Anthem rep was nice enough to explain that to me had she not the eye exam place was going to charge me $50. It is very nice to know that the insurance company is nice enough to advise me of the features. Being a single Mom every bit helps.Thank god for the exam come to find out my daughter script was a lot worst than it had been and she had been suffering migraines. Thanks to the free exam my daughter is now able to see and be done with the migraines. Thank you Anthem!! MoreLess

Clinical coordination feature is a fantastic opportunity

By Ossip Optometry, an Anthem participating provider

Ossip Optometry & Ophthalmology has 43 locations across Indiana and Illinois. With 74 Optometrists and 2 Ophthalmologists we are always looking for ways to enhance efficiencies and improve patient care...

Empire's Clinical Coordination feature is a fantastic opportunity for Optometrists to become more involved in addressing the total well-being of their patients. It allows us to be viewed by our patients in a way that’s similar to how they view their primary care physician.

From a practical perspective it has added a lot of value because it allows us to double-check patient data against our own Electronic Health Records system. We can check patient medications and other things that patients tend to forget, such as dosages or pre-existing conditions. This allows us to provide more thorough care to our patients.

The tool is also really easy to use. There are no steps in the process that might hinder productivity or slow down the delivery of care. As medical professionals, we usually see those challenges every day, but not with this tool. It has proved very easy to integrate with.


I like the fact that my eye doctor had access to my records

By Faranak, an Anthem member
"I like the fact that (my eye doctor) had access to my records and was aware of the kind of medication that I was taking at the time of my visit... And could look at me as a patient - as a whole person - and not just be concerned about my vision problem - but also have access to any other kind of medications that I take that could possibly affect my vision." MoreLess

This program is a no-brainer

By Matthew, an Anthem participating provider

"Optometry serves as an entry point for not only vision related issues, but also into general medicine. The general public visits optometrist offices more frequently than any other part of the healthcare system. As such, easy two-way communication between Optometrists and other health care providers should help to create better patient outcomes...

I’ve had the pleasure of using Anthem’s Whole Health Connection program, and to me, this program is a “no-brainer.” Although the health information shared is limited at this time, I love being able to verify a patients past and current medical treatment. Most health care providers will agree that patients are not the best historians when it comes their own medical history/treatment. Because the eye and body are intimately connected, we optometrists can become a viable option to be the profession that acts as the gateway/referral source to other health professions when needed."


I find Anthem vision to be one of the easiest plans to have as a member

By an Anthem Broker
I recommend Anthem Vision to my clients because of the convenience of the large provider network and the value that the coverage provides to employees/ employers at a minimal cost. There is also a savings benefit that members continue to receive discounts on extra eyeglasses and contacts throughout a plan year... I personally wear glasses and find Anthem vision to be one of the easiest plans to have as a member. The Anthem vision plans require little to no paperwork and I find to be one of the easier benefits an employee can use. MoreLess


Claims and service are always A+

By an Anthem Broker
I feel confident in placing business with Anthem Life. Claims and service are always A+. I can count on the contacts we have and feel rest assured that everything will be taken care of... If an issue were to arise, I am also confident in knowing the right team is working on a solution. Anthem Life is one of the best carriers for me personally to deal with as a broker. My clients are happy and I am happy. MoreLess


Process was very easy

By Michael, an Anthem member

I was injured in an accident, and found out I would be unable to work for up to 3 months...

When I contacted my employer’s human resources department to let them know, I was reminded that my company provided each employee with short-term disability insurance through Anthem Life that would help me pay my bills while I was out of work. Because I was unable to work or drive, this benefit enabled me to enroll in an online course toward my degree and keep moving forward in the apprentice program sponsored by my employer, without falling behind my peers.

My employer completed the paperwork, my doctor filled out the medical information, and shortly thereafter, I received my first check. The entire process was very easy and the claim was processed quickly.


I recommend Anthem’s integrated disability and medical solution…

By an Anthem Broker
The majority of my clients are connecting their health and disability programs to deliver a better experience for their employees. That’s why I recommend Anthem’s integrated disability and medical solution, Productivity Solutions, because it automatically connects the administration and clinical programs between the two plans with no extra work for my client... This integrated solution levels the playing field between the employee, employer, disability case manager, the nurse care manager and doctors. Everyone is working with the same information, towards a common goal of helping the employee stay at work or return to work. By placing medical and disability together with Anthem, the information is being used to treat members more efficiently. MoreLess


We are seeing real savings

By an Anthem Broker
My client looks to me to identify cost saving solutions that improve care for their members. And, specialty drug coverage is our biggest line item... By having both medical and pharmacy with Anthem, they can direct specialty pharmacy claims to the best benefit and easiest setting for patients. By managing this across both benefits, we are seeing real savings. MoreLess
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