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Our dental, vision, life and disability plans are among the best you can buy, but they go even further in delivering extraordinary value when combined with Anthem medical to create Anthem Whole Health Connection®. We’re making better health care real, improving outcomes, and lowering costs. That’s the Anthem difference.

Today, one in two Americans has a chronic condition, driving 86% of health care costs.¹

That’s why we’re committed to making health care work better, improving employee health and job performance, and lowering your costs. Coordinating care across products has a direct impact on health and costs.

¹ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
² Anthem Provider Survey, 2012
³ Source: Council for Disability Awareness, Chances of a Disability, 2012; Impact of Integrating Health and Disability Data, IBI, 2006

of vision care providers indicate that they could provide better care if they understood the clinical profile of their patients²
5-10% of employees have a disability claim, and drive
of employee medical costs³
of American adults have periodontal disease¹ and certain medical conditions are impacted by oral health

A more connected view of health means making health care work better for you

The key to lower costs is health care that works harder and better for you. When doctors know more about their patients they can connect them with the right care, sooner.
Anthem Whole Health Connection® is bringing the vision of connected care to life with:

  • More ways to identify risks early, making an impact on preventable health care costs
  • More coordinated care that helps members get well, and back to work, sooner
  • More personalized member engagement that’s more likely to inspire action

Health Made Whole Video

It’s a smarter, more connected way of looking at population health and our way forward.

Business Made Better Video

Simplified, streamlined administration. This is what it looks like when everything works together.

Worried about finding an in-network dental or vision provider?

Rest easy. Anthem will put a smile on your employees’ faces with dental and vision networks that are among the very largest in the nation, including tens of thousands of neighborhood dentists and more leading national and online retail vision providers than any other carrier.

Leading solutions

Our pharmacy, dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental plans are among the best in the business on their own. Connect them to an Anthem health plan to tap into the power of a different type of integration. One that not only connects products, but also technology, tools, information and people to improve employee health and productivity. We’re creating tailored solutions that lower costs, improve experiences and unlock exponential value to all.

That’s a different kind of care that standalone plans just can’t provide.
That’s Anthem Whole Health Connection®.

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There are lots of ways to save, including employee-paid (voluntary) options, and package savings.

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